iPad Apps for Elementary Education

Free Apps that can be used within the Classroom

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

What is it?: ShowMe is a free App downloadable from the iTunes store that allows students to use their own iPad as whiteboards.

Why is it relevant?: This App allows teachers to record activities, lessons and tutorials for the students so that it is accessable from home and can be repeated throughout the day if needed. Also, there is a ShowMe community that allows teachers and students to share their work and resources.

Alphabet Tracing

What is it?: Alphabet Tracing is a free App that can be accessed through the iTunes store that teaches children fine motor skills associated with properly drawing letters and numbers.

Why is it relevant?: This tool can be used either inside the classroom or outside of it. As well as considerably helping children with practicing their penmanship, it is also eco-friendly in that it doesn't use paper and pencil as has been used in the past.

MyScript Calculator

What is it?: MyScript Calculator is a free App found in the iTunes store that translates written text math equations and solves them.

Why is it relevant?: This fantastic App solves math equations that are written by hand onto the iPad. This saves time in typing out math equations and has simple features such as striking out to delete.

Popplet Lite

What is it?: Popplet Lite is an App that captures ideas and text and displays them in a visual timeline.

Why is it relevant?: This App would allow students to be able to organize their ideas and thoughts in a mindmap. Because this App is free, it is accessible to all students and will allow them to work on organizational skills as they learn about specific topics.

Rover - the Browser for Education

What is it?: Rover - the Browser for Education is an App that allows you to download flash player items onto iPads (which is not currently a feature that is allowed on iPads to begin with).

Why is it relevant?: This App opens doors to teachers in that they will not be limitted in the material that they can give students to work on with iPads.

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