Bree Ewing

This is Confucius. He was one of the early Chinese philosophers. He taught his peoples to respect and honor their elders. Confucius had laws that were based off  his personal teachings and they decreased the crime rate in Ancient China. Since he was a teacher he won great admiration, respect and fame.The teachings of Confucius were written down by his students and and were entered in the Four Books called Analects which were studied by the peoples for 24 hundred years.

This is called the Yin and Yang. This is an important symbol to the Chinese peoples.Yin and Yang represent the two opposite principles in nature.Yin stands for the negative things on earth. Yang represents the positive things on earth. They cant exist without eachother.

Confucius believed in respecting your elders. You are always supposed to respect and look up to them. But in return they must set a good example on you. Confucius thought that if you were bad then when you stick around with an elder you will become a better person as long as they set a good example for you.

This is one of the symbols they used in Confucianism. They called it "double happiness."  It is written in Chinese calligraphy. Its also known as a decoration or a symbol of marriage. It typically appears on decorative boxes or on presents given to the bride and groom.

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