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For student research needs..

We have lots of databases students can use for  research listed on our library webpage.   Ebsco's "EbscoHost" database and Gale's databases are go-to spots for research.
We have a whole tutorial on using the databases here:

We have added a great American History  database this year as well!

October events

October is National Bullying Awareness Month.  Check out our window display of books celebrating student diversity.    We are also compiling a list of SEL websites on a Social Emotional Learning page if you need ideas!  

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How does engaging student curiosity help them learn better?

According to this Washington Post article, curiosity helps students retain information better, even information unrelated to the specific question.  So, how do we arouse student curiosity in a research assignment?  

Including pre-research reading or brainstorming into any research process helps students become more invested in the research.   For example, before assigning a report/research topic, let students clip articles for two weeks about subjects they are interested in into a or site.   Brainstorm questions about a topic with the whole class  or have students generate questions in small groups in a chat.  Guide students to choose their own research questions, rather than assigning the topic(choice enhances motivation).   Engage their curiosity and prior knowledge, and they will be more invested, all of which leads to better searching and writing.

For one example of this process in action, check out this blog post by Buffy Hamilton:

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Want to learn how to use Tackk,, or  Carolyn, Jackie or Lisa can help!

Help students make visual infographic charts with Piktochart!

Spend an hour in the stacks...

  • Did you know that our libraries have great art, social issues, technology, literature, poetry, world geography, American history and science sections?
  • We also have a large professional collection (in print and online ebooks!)
  • Did you know that we have back issues of Life Magazine starting in 1938?  or original editions of Newsweek and Time back to the 80's?  Students love seeing the real thing!  (**** attention history and English teachers****)

and we are wired...

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Download the Overdrive or Follett Enlight apps  for access to our ebooks  (which can also be found on our website or in our online catalog.  We can order an ebook for you within 24 hours!)

Ask us for help with planning student research projects online--we can share great strategies, tools and apps with you, come teach your classes, etc.!  

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