Brighton Beach Memoirs
Juan Pablo Becerra

Began soon after the stock market crash of October 1929. It caused steep declines rising unemployment and the companies also failing off by unemployed workers. When the Great Depression reached the nadir, 13 to 15 million people were unemployed and the half of the country's banks failed. The consumers unsold goods and and piled up slowly. Theodore Roosevelt helped a way to the worst of the Great Depression. 

Colleges in the 1930s

The college Eugene should go is the Pennsylvania state. The tuition of Penn is $400 with the health fee of $10. The room of Penn cost $520, text-books $35. This college has no mascot. The colleges of back then in the 1930s were cheap that in total it was like $1200 or less. And the colleges from now are to expensive that it could cost like 50 grand or more than it was back then.

If we want to go to college, we're going to do stuff on his own with no help when we get older. When we finish school, we're going to have to buy a car and buy the gas, food for traveling etc. I would buy a ford model t on the 20s because back then, it use to cost $850 and its really cheap. The gas back then use to cost $0.17 per gallon in the 1930s which it could save a lot of gas and money. The food back then was really cheap that I would save enough money like bacon 1 lb. 52¢, beef rib roast 1 lb 39¢, bread 1 lb. 12¢, butter 1 lb. 70¢, cheese I lb. 38¢, chicken 1 lb. 39¢, and coffee 1 lb. 47¢.

Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

I'm writing this letter because I want to apologize of the prank and humiliating you. I know it was very inappropriate and it wasn't worth anything. I'm so sorry with all my heart of what i did, please I'm begging you to give me my job back, I do really need the money and we're barely surviving. Our is broke, we ran out of money and I'm the only one who has a job, well use to.

If you give me the job back, then I can work extra hour. I can clean the rest of the floor, paint the walls, fix the roof, clean the restroom, whatever you want. And the best part of it you don't need to double my allowance, you just need to pay me the same amount of money you use to pay me. I can also clean your shoes with the dirt I put on it.

You can also put me to work in the late nights. And I could close the store with out paying me for closing the store. Just give me my old job back please. My whole family is counting on me of having a job and the money also. I am sorry of doing the prank, just give me my old job back and I'll do whatever you say.

Broadway Show:
The Lion King

The Broadway show of the lion king is now. April 30 today, May 1 Friday, May 2 Saturday, May 3 Sunday, May 4 Monday. The tickets cost $197.10 per seat.

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