IUDs are Highly Recommended

Barry Littlejohn believes that IUDs are the best form of contraception for women. He says on the matter, “While only six percent of women in America have an IUD, more than forty percent of female OB/GYN [physicians] have them.” By the amount of IUDs that are put in use by a physician, it would make an IUD one of the most recommended forms of birth control in all of American medicine.

It is very easy for women to acquire an IUD. The cost of an IUD various on the type of IUD that is purchase, but it can range from free to one thousand dollars. This price may seem like a wide range and come ask a shock to many, but the price of an IUD is a considerable deal once the lifespan is considered. A copper IUD can have a lifespan of about twelve years. When dividing the cost of the IUD by the lifespan of the contraceptive, it comes out to a price of about seven dollars per month. This would make an IUD considerably cheaper than a variety of other contraceptives.

In America today, only about six percent of women actual use an intrauterine device. But there are more and more healthcare providers recommending its use for women. Barry Littlejohn is a supporter of this type of birth control believing that it is the most effective and the least expensive when considering the lifespan of the contraceptive. There are two types of an IUD, one being made of copper and the other of plastic. The former can last around twelve years, while the latter has a range of about three to five.

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