The Dirt Bike Games

Jozlyn R Brown

Once upon a time there were people practicing on their dirt bikes. In case you were wondering why it was because they were getting ready for a big motorcycle rally. They were all doing new and cool tricks like doing flips and 360s. The Dirtbike games are where 500 contestants enter the race from all over the country to compete. In it you will start of with simple tricks and riding around. There are as many levels that they need to have only one winner. So the dirt bikers were all ready for the games to starts. And then..... The lights came on.....

Everyone in the dirt bikers gang started their engines and one by one they started having a race. In the race only 3 people get out of the game because they finish last. So after that was done, after the fun 3 hours of racing there were 497 contestants left in the Dirtbike Games. Then several other contestants got out while they were doing wheelies. The people in the crowds were cheering wildly. Then the dirt bikers were all lined up in place that they had been put in. The runners of the show had just then set up a booth for everyone in the crowds and lets them all vote for who they think will win. And whoever votes for the dirt biker who wins wins 20,000 and a autograph from the winner. And the winner of the race will get 100,000 and a free trip to anywhere they want to go with all expenses paid and they can take as many people with them as they want or they can choose a brand new Lamborghini.

Brown got the most votes. All of the votes he got were a total of 23,000 out of 30,000 and he was the one showing off and doing the best and coolest tricks known. Many people were loving him. The dirt bikers all lined up again and one at a time went and did a tricks to see how the judges rated their performances and Brown got a 10 on all stunts. He was rocking it out there and he did a triple backflip. The crowd went wild after seeing that he landed it. There were 200 contestants now and about 192 of them we're getting 8 9 and 10 scores from the judges. And about 30 of them were getting 20 points from the judges. Brown had a total of 420 points from the judges and the rest averaged about a 349 with the lowest score being 340.

Then the amount of contestants shortened to 20. They were to keep doing tricks until the last 10 were standing. Willberry tried to attempt a 360 3 times in a row in the air and landing it perfectly. He got 2 and a half 360 s but then he twisted wrong and landed it wrong. He had to be rushed out to the hospital. Finally Brown did the last trick and he did the hardest trick in the world and landed it. He won and the crowd cheered wildly like no other.

A winner was drawn from the box of voters who had voted for him and Zoey, a girl in the stands, was drawn and she won the 20,000 and a autograph. Meanwhile Jake Brown got to choose his prizes. He chose the new  purple Lamborghini and he was given 100,000 dollars. The announcer announced that that was the end of the Dirtbike Games. Everyone in the crowd cheered as he walked out. He went home in his new car to his happy family. And that's the end of the Dirtbike games.

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