Diseases And Their Cause/effects


Genetics-A genetic disease is any disease that you can get from someone or something.   Or the changes you get.

Cause- it is caused by when like you change the disorders  in your body.

Effect- you can lose your  function or your mood or your body.



Environmental- they are problems with the choices that you can get sick from the environment.

Cause-you can get it from like when you smoke it can give you lung cancer.

Effect- it will make you have problems with your breathing. You can also get cancer.

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices- It is what a person makes bad choices about their life. Like attitudes, or how they behave. etc...

Cause- Is like when you make a bad decision ad it was the wrong choice and it effects your life.

Effect- It Can make  your Life style choices can effect your life.

Color Blindness

That is when you see things but you cant see the color of the  object. This is one of the diseases in genetics. you can get  it if you have vision problems.