The Six Principles Of Design

1. Balance

There aren't so many pictures on the page that the text is overpowered. There should be about the same amount of writing on both sides of the page, so that only one side of the paper is covered in writing and the other is balnk.

2. Proximity

Distance between elements on a page. It demonstrates the relationship between two things like a heading and a paragraph you don't put the heading on one half of the page and the paragraph on the other.

3. Align

Things should be aligned to justify their relationship to each other. You would have the title in the centered.


You do the same thing over and over again. So it becomes a pattern.

5. Contrast

You make stuff pop with different colored font like orange words on a black page or gray on navy.

6. White Space

White space is blank space on a page. It does not have to be white. It is used to give the readers eyes a break.