Russo-Japanese War

...A pretty much stupid war.(Feb. 8, 1904 - Sept. 5, 1905) For the school presentation.

Welcome to the Russo-Japanese War!

I welcome you to a pointless war over Korea and Manchuria. This was the war between the Russians and the Japanese that I will guide you through. Now please sit back and relax while I tell you the story between  a flying-laser-eyes-bear drinking Vodka fighting with a super kawaii octopus fused with anime powers and stuff.

What is the Russo-Japanese War?

Known as the "first great war of the 20th century," a war broke out of rivalry and economic reasons over Korea and Manchuria (As said from above) between the Russians and the Japanese immediately after the Boxer Rebellion (The Eight-Nation United Britain, Russia, Japan, France, United States, Germany, Italy, and Austria Hungary waging war against China.)

Why did the war began?

There was various reasons on both sides. The Russian Empire wanted Port Arthur because it was operational all year unlike their other port, Vladivostok, that becomes inactive during winter. Not only they wanted the port, but as well the land around it.

Meanwhile the Japanese wanted to expand their empire into Korea and China since they were kind of getting overpopulated on their islands. While on this, they were extremely eager to test their military and navy.

Who won?

Japan won the war, surprisingly. The war ended after Theodore Roosevelt helped make a peace treaty between Russia and Japan, earning a Nobel Peace Prize. Russia was capable of sending more troops to fight, but because of embarrassing defeats at battles and the land Russia was controlling seemed pointless, the majority of civilians began to revolt. They gave up the land they had influence in and pass it over to Japan.

What are the consequences?

Japan earned their victory but at a price. The Japanese public became outraged at the terms of the peace treaty. Discontent spreading lead to several riots in major cities, along with the lacking of two requirements that they were expecting: Territorial gains and profit.

Russia, however, suffered much more. This defeat at war fueled the Russian Revolution of 1905, as well two other revolutions in 1917(This caused them to withdraw from World War I). Humiliation went around the world of stating that this is the first time an Asian country won a war against a white country. Sucks to be them, I guess.

What are the aftermath of this war?

As Japan's navy became considered as the 6th strongest navy in the world, Russia just went to a bar and sobbed on the table, drinking vodka rapidly. Russia lost two of its 3 fleets, while the Imperial Japanese Navy received a hair lock of Admiral Nelson by the British Royal Navy to commemorate one of their victorious battles (I don't now why, but because Nelson was so good). This led to arrogance that leads to dominating other Asians countries, supporting the idea of the Chinese historians that this was Japan's key development in militarism. This made Europe scared of Japan, as well the United States until we dropped a very fat man who ate too much hamburgers. And by fat man, we mean the atomic bomb named Fat Man. This war used trenches, barbed wire, and heavy artillery firepower. This results of having its ideas adopted into WWI.

So that's about it, as we will close this presentation right now. Now that you've gained knowledge of this war, I hope it made you a little smarter. Have a great day, and have a picture of Obama.

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