Dragons of space

by mackenzie. lol

Dragons of space are the dragons that are made of dust and stars and they control the universe but not ours each universe has a maker and a leader. our leader is  not a space dragon. When a star blows up its the birth of a space dragon. The space dragons are really made out of dust, stars. the teeth are made out of hard rock they have no arms or legs just wings. but if you go out into space far away from earth they will get mad and might attack you. They control the universe just like our god and our god's son. These space dragons fly around in space and some end up getting sucked into a black hole and some get killed by astroids and comets and other space stuff like sat lights and other space junk. The mothers lay their eggs on the moons of the plants and then after a while the egg becomes a star after an hour then when it gets ready to hatch the star dies and the baby space dragon becomes born. If they came onto earth they would be like dust dragons that no one can see them very good. The space dragons used to live outside the universe but then over a millions of years ago the first space dragon in the universe was born. It made the plants. The sun is the egg of millions of space dragons that will hatch in a few millions of years.

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