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Understanding Financial Statements - How are your Books?

"If my statement shows I make money, why I am overdrawn?"

This is not intended to make you an accountant but to ensure that you understand your own business from a financial statement, enabling you to read and to interpret what is really happening in your company and to know where to focus your efforts and actions in order to improve it. You will learn the answers to the questions you always wanted to know about financial statements but were too embarrassed to ask.

"Fred makes a supposed boring topic, exciting." Controllers are saying "I wish all of our managers attended this one."

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Money Management - Earn to your full potential!

"I owe I owe - it's off to work I go."

A course designed for any individual who has difficulty managing his/her personal budget. People are struggling financially, not just because they are not earning enough money but because they simply mismanage it, have endured some unusual circumstances, or have succumbed to the enticing marketing programs, which say "buy me and your life will change". This is not intended to be an investment seminar but it does teach basic principles of money management.

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