Cole Younger

By Bryce Brown

Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger was a man who joined forces with the Confederates in the period of the Civil War then became an outlaw.  He was born January 15, 1844 as seventh of fourteen children and died March 21, 1916 at 72 years old.  He left his large and affluent family to fight in the civil war with the Confederates under the leadership of William Clarke Quantrill.  Cole then joined a gang of fellow bushwhackers, Frank and Jesse James and his brothers, Bob and Jim Younger. The James-Younger gang succeeded in robbing many banks and trains until trying to rob a bank in Northfield, Minnesota.  The James brothers escaped, but the Youngers did not.  Cole and his brothers, Jim and Bob were sent to jail.  They were sent to Stillwater prison.  Bob died there while Cole and Jim stayed there until they were paroled in 1902.  Cole worked at a wild west show with Frank James at a wild west show before dying in Lee's Summit in 1916.