The song of a black slave:

this is showing you all how hard it was back in 1960

This message is about how the slaves had to pick cotton in hot climate they had no break and if they did not do their work they would be beaten or killed for not following directions from their slave masters

  • I'm not gone say all slaves master treat their slaves bad but some of the are dehumanizing the slaves although some slave masters treat their slaves like family so when the slaves are free their not gonna wanna leave because all their use to doing is picking crops, cleaning clothes, cleaning houses, also they learned how to cook so the slave masters just sit around and do nothing but sell the slaves for money.

This is a video on how they use to live
see how they had to live they can't go home they do not have anywhere to go some of the slaves were homeless and others had family that really didnt care for them mothers had kids from the owner so their child was born into slavery.

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