EBOLA OUTBREAK       by: John Cisneros

This is a picture of the virus it might look small but its one of the deadliest viruses ever heard of. Ebola is a deadly virus that has killed many people around the world.It started in a place called Zaire back in 1976.  Back then they couldn't treat the patience vary well because it was a whole new level for them and tell this day we still don't a have a cure but we do know how to treat them. A few people were lucky enough to survive from the virus. The problem for most people is that they are to late to be treated and they end up dieing. But back then its wasint that popular back then beause not alot of people had the virus until then end of 2013 the ebola outbreak started. But now it is even worse.


         what is Ebola?

this is a man who is suffering from the deadly disease in africa

Ebola is a deadly virus they can kill u very quick. You don't want to get this virus obviously but if u do get it u want to get to a hospital before its to late to save u. It is vary life threatening to the human body many people have passed away from it. The Ebola outbreak scientist believe that it accrued back in 2013 of December. A patient needs proper care if they have Ebola or they wont even have a slight chance of surviving the virus. Some of the symptoms of the virus is fever,headache,joint and muscle aches,weakness,chills,difficulty breathing,soar throught,vomiting,and constantly bleeding from every place there is a hole in your body. This virus started in Zaire but made its way Africa there is a lot of people with Ebola in that part of the world. its getting really bad over there Almost everyone there with Ebola dies because they are to late and the doctors don make it to them in time to save there lives only a few have. A fact that not a lot of people know about is that Ebola has been around longer then u have. But its vary difficult to get there blood has.

How to Get Ebola?

Ebola is one of the hardest viruses to get in your system. The only way to get it is if there blood makes a breech and makes contact with your blood. So there for u should always wash your hands also whenever u get a cut or any ware on your body there is a cut make sure to match it good and clean it and get a new cloth or bandage regularly. If u do those things normally u should be fine and not get that horrible virus. But if u do get it its not easy to get rid of it not many people have survived and been cured of this virus and they were vary lucky to survive and be clear of the virus. Not many people got it until the Ebola outbreak witch started back in 2013 were people started to get it from animals then people started to spread and the outbreak got worse. This is a virus that u would not want to get and one of the most painful viruses ever to by heard of. One of the reasons that you hear about so many people with Ebola in Africa because there is many animals there and they are probably not healthy so they can catch the virus and spread it to people and that's there are many people with it there who are trying to be saved but not many survive. The virus wasn't major or really heard of until now! People freak out about it but u can only get it through blood u can not get It through water, food, or even through air but there is a big debate about the through air. Because people think u can get it through air but people may not know until they try!

This is a picture of a patient who was diagnosed with Ebola

Were did Ebola come from?

In Africa there is a big chunk of people with Ebola there because the animals and the environment. But there is many other places were there are many people suffering from the deadly virus. There is many people who have to suffer from this virus witch really does suck because they didn't want this they didn't ask to be diagnosed with such a horrible virus that can take your life away. But its the circle of life people live and die but its still horrifying that people have to live through that horrible virus in them if I had that virus I would want someone to put me out of my misery but I would still try to fight through it and live a longer life. But Ebola has spread out through the world and its infecting many people all over the world making them suffer. But we aren't just trying to ignore it we are looking for a cure and already saving life on the planet.

this a map showing u were Ebola has spread to

Wrap up

Ebola is a deadly virus that I spreading through out the world and killing many people all over the world. People are vary scared of this virus but no need cause we are finding a cure and we are fighting back against this deadly virus. It is vary hard to get it to so there is no need to be scared just stay clean and protect yourself. People are trying there hardest to get rid of this virus and other people are helping but we are also going to fight and try to get rid of this virus. Sooner or later the doctors will find a cure and the world will be back to normal but we will have to face other challeges like these but we America will fight threw them!


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