Roof Panel Machine Inventors Are Diverse

Along with the rapid development of high-tech industries such as electronics, bio-pharmaceutical, with glazed tile roll forming machine for the factory building, cold roll forming machinee inventor invented by double air insulated metal roofing board technology is widely applied in it. Double air insulated metal roofing using foreign roof panel roll forming machine inventor invented by advanced forming machine for steel coil die-casting molding, through the glazed tile roll forming machine to make shape of wave height, cross section size is consistent, especially applied to the ceiling in the clean room project. This paper mainly introduces the glazed tile roll forming machine, its production workshop cleanliness requirements for level 100, building indoor without condole supports, metal roofing crest 166 mm double air insulated metal roofing construction technology. Roof panel roll forming machine inventor said, the whole construction process scientific and reasonable, safe and reliable construction process, high quality fast, economical and has good popularization value.

According to the roof panel roll form machine inventor, double air heat insulation metal roof purlin welding construction, the flatness requirement is higher, after completion of construction, steel structure roofing truss needs correction was carried out on the steel column and roof construction, and check the calibration results. Roof panel roll forming machine inventor said, wait for after all inspection requirements, and all truss has been treated with anti-corrosion, rust prevention and fire prevention, all purlin arrangement spacing is calculated, and the design review, before being purlin welding construction. Purlin and steel structure truss after welding, trimming, anticorrosion treatment, paint brush epoxy coating.

According to the roll forming machine for sale inventor, rack mesa signals, a piled machine, cutting machine, glazed tile roll forming machine and steel coil machines such as materials, the total weight about 16 tons. Molding frame system for steel tube scaffold bracing system, the steel pipe scaffold erection, for supporting system set-up, through strict calculation before erection of height and slope roof nadir, roof panel roll forming machine inventor, after completion of erection should charge after passing experience can be put into use.

Rack mesa signals, a piled machine, cutting machine, forming machine, after the completion of installation and debugging for steel coil construction, die-casting molding forming metal plate length 40 meters, crest height 166 mm. Roof panel roll forming machine inventor, points out that check at any time during the process of die-casting molding metal plate meets the design requirements, such as wave height, wave horizontal size, found that the problem should be immediately stop die casting.

The roof panel roll forming machine inventor said, metal plate laid with die casting, die casting a laid a slice, the first piece of laying plank spigot card within the fixed seat, and then on EPDM adhesive plaster to stick a solid and must pay attention to in the whole process to maintain the cleanliness of the roof. Of gables due to need to do air tight as the reason, 1 piece of board on the edge of the indoor wall unfinished work hours the most can't install. Mass in the calcium silicate board partition has all the construction completion, calcium silicate board inside partition wall top surface elevation with metal roofing purlin surface flush, combined with a roof plate, airtight effect, reliable connection, the metal base plate and the fixed base metal base plate after the installation is complete, should be broken hot metal ware male female buckle installation, male female buckle when installation should be according to the design and arrangement of the uniform size, an optional installation. Visible roof panel roll forming machine inventor's contribution to this process is very meaningful.