Manifest Destiny

Or a cause to American's flaws

Annexation of Texas

  • The Whigs feared that Texas would be a target and would feed into slavery and they did not want that much territory to be proslavery.
  • John Tyler wanted to add Texas to the United States so he arranged annexation by a joint resolution. Texas was added to the U.S. in 1845 and it caused major issues between the U.S. and Mexico.

The Oregon Question

Polk wanted all of Oregon to the United States and wanted to abolish the "joint occupation" with Britain. While doing this it couldve potentially caues a war which Southeners did not want. Britain didnt want to destory their economic relationship with the United States either.

Mexican-American War

Polk offered Mexico $30 million for the land but they refused so he sent troops over for war

Many believed that he only wanted the land for slaveholding. To keep into consideration Polk was a southener

Others thought going to war was the wrong way to gain the land, many lives were at stake and being lost for this

Civil War

The events above and a few more led to the Civil War. The arguments between the north and the south over slavery increased. The more land that was brought in was a higher chance for slavery to grow and the Northeners didnt want that.

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