PIXEL studios

Basic info for the newbie!

Dear Newbies,

First of all, Our logo is a clacker for movies.  We offer a large range of candy, we offer popcorn, and we have the newest movies on the tower screens before they come out anywhere else! We also have movies on the basement screens after they leave theaters! You should come because we now have special theaters just for new customers! People who come now will get a movie of their choice played in the towers for one day each on PIXEL movie week! We can only have 7 entries, so please come and put your movie into our drawing! Our business card has all basic info, and we have been complimented for our fancy yet comfy employee outfits! You can also sign up to work at PIXEL during movie week to get and exclusive movie played in the towers automatically!

Owner of PIXEL.

Natalie Kessler

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