Moth Man, Fact or Fiction?

    1966, the first date where Moth Man was seen, in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Roger Scarberry with his wife Linda Scarberry, his friends Steve, Mary, and Mallette, and their cousin, Lonnie Button. They drove up to the "TNT" area, and old hidden TNT factory from World War II, where they saw something to scare them. Near the gates they saw two red lights approaching, they weren't super worried about this, till they began to think that they red lights where actually red eyes on top of a 7-foot tall creature with wings folded behind it's back.

    They quickly began driving off in fear. What happened next scared them much worse. They saw the red eyes behind them, the "Moth Man" seeming to have took off with its wings, keeping pace with ease. Even when they hit over 100 MPH it followed right behind them, only leaving once they got to the Mason County courthouse. Now let me guess, you feel like that the courthouse people would find this story extremely hard to believe, well they didn't. The Deputy, Millard Halstead had known these 5 people for quite some time and knew that they weren't kidding, seeing pure fear in their eyes.

    This was indeed not that last story of the Moth Man, because he stayed for quite some time. That same exact night Marcella Bennett was visiting her friends, the Thomas family, who lived very close to the TNT Area. By her story, she had just driven up to the Thomas's house and got out carrying her infant child when she saw the red eyes of a large grey human-like creature with giant wings. In pure terror she claims to of dropped her infant child to the ground and fall on top of her child. She said she was conscious of what happened around her, but incapable of moving. She then after awhile broke free of the trance and picked up her daughter and ran into the house, having the Thomas family call the police. The Thomas family along with Marcella said that the Moth Man walked up onto the porch and looked through the window, disappearing as the police showed up.

    As the story grows, people kept telling everyone that they had also seen it, all reports being very similar. In 1967, December 15th, The Silver bridge crumbled into the Ohio River during rush hour, killing 46 people. This was a horrific thing to happen to all of America, being still one of the worst catastrophes in American history. Investigators blamed the poor design of the structure of the bridge, and it was not fully capable of holding up all the weight that it was meant to hold. People then started to claim sightings of the Moth Man as the bridge collapsed, and workers showed up claiming that they saw something like the Moth Man while working.

    People began to think that Moth Man was directly connected to the Silver Bridge. Some people thought Moth Man caused the bridge collapse entirely, and some think he was there trying to be a warning, scaring people off before it could happened. The world may never know of the Moth Man's connection to the Silver Bridge, simply because of the fact that no more sightings of the Moth Man have ever been told about since the Silver Bridge collapse. In 1975, John Keel published a book called The Mothman Prophecies. This told of other peoples sightings of the Mothman, which in the future spawned the film of the Mothman, Mothman.

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