First Blog

     Hello. I've never blogged before so bare with me. I'm not really sure what to do. I think i  am just supposed to talk about my day so.....ill give it a shot.

        Monday. the most dreaded word among any student/employee/mother. because it means its the beginning of another long week. But today was not like that. That is because today is the first monday of summer! So here is what i did on this not so horrible monday. I woke up at 11:30am and got ready for my annual physical. They checked my back, my legs, my arms, the regular. But then, it was Natalies turn. The doctor did the same things to her as they did to me, but then they brought a needle out. A shot. she had to get a shot. So natalie being the 16 year old that she is sat up on the table and... started to cry, which by the way was very amusing for me, but after a few minutes of her freaking out, they gave her the shot and we left.

    After the physicals we stopped at rocknes for a quick lunch before running over to my orthopedic appointment. (yes, it was a day at the doctors for me) So at the orthopedic i got an x-ray and found out i did not need a cast(yay) but i do need to wear a boot for another 3 weeks. But after the orthopedic we ran over to a friends to let their dog out and headed home.   The rest of my night was netflix and well....this. I hope you liked my first blog. see you tomorrow.

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