How Split Air Conditioning System Works?

Split AC is a very suitable alternative for fitting on the wall, window or even for centralized air conditioner systems. There are many named used to describe split AC which includes duct-free air conditioning, mini split, ductless split and is one of the most efficient and way to cool a normal sized room. As this type of Air conditioning does not require any duct, the working of the unit is a bit different from that of the others. Here is a brief information about the working of the unit.

Components Used

When we talk about split AC, there are two components which are very familiar: compressor and evaporator. Both these elements are present in most of the wall AC or other common forms of air conditioners. The different in the Split air conditioner is that these units are not joined. They are splinted in two different units as the name suggests. The compressor of the air conditioner is fitted outside whereas the evaporator, which is the main unit of the system is fitted inside. The evaporator is the unit which will consist of fan that will blow air in the room.

Both the units of the system are properly connected with each other with the use of tubing and wires. Tubes which are used are also called as lines and are the mode of transport of air between the two sections of the unit. It is these lines which allow this type of AC to be ductless. As all these wires and tubes are so small if compared to other forms of AC the name ‘Mini split’ is very commonly used.

Functioning of AC

A compressor which consists of refrigerant gas is controlled with the help of an internal thermostat. In the compressor when the thermostat will detect warm air, it will activate the outdoor compressor. The compressor will then circulate the refrigerant gas which will increase the pressure as well as the temperature of the refrigerant. The refrigerant will then move towards the condenser for the process ahead.

Then inside the condenser, there is a cooling system which will remove all the heat from the high-pressure gas which will then let the gas change its phase and become a liquid. This will then chill the liquid which gets pushed through the tubing inside the unit which will then reach the evaporator system.

In the unit which is placed inside the evaporator fan will start collecting the warm air from the room and pass it on to the compressor through the chamber which that will be containing the chilled liquid in the refrigerant. The fan will then blow in the air which will now be cooling back in the room. This will lower the overall temperature of the space and make the air cooler. If the thermostat detects the air which is warmer than the desirable temperature of the space. The thermostat will detect the air which is warmer than the desirable which will continue the process. Any excess heat which remains in the system will be passed away from the outdoor of the compressor so that the cycle starts over again. Find out the best Melbourne snowman split system installations services.