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Novgorod was a prominent city of trade in medieval Kievan Russia. It was also Russia's first and only republic.

Luxury Goods Traded

Novgorod had a diverse trading market, including items from multiple regions of the world. Their main exports were; furs, honeys, wax, walrus tusks, tools, and linen. Their main imports were; iron, copper, tin, lead, English/Flemish wool, linen, silk, needles, weapons, glassware, herring, wine, salt, beer, amber, high quality jewels, and game pieces. Several of these imported items would then be traded to another region.

Incoming Trade

Trade through Novgorod was primarily by water, though several land routes did exist in the northern part of the region. It served as Russia's main port along the Baltic Sea Trade. Longships were the main vessels used.


The economy of Novgorod flourished with the abundance of trade that occurred within its ports. It is apparent that numerous countries had visited this great city as archaeologists have found thousands of coins from multiple countries. Mostly these were European silver and Muslim gold.

Role and Function

Novgorod was first and foremost, a trading port. Out of the Hanseatic League it prospered the most, as it was the easternmost post. Novgorod was essential because it allowed Northern Europe to reach the Roman Empire and then Constantinople. Novgorod also played an important part in Vladimir the Great of Kiev's political reform.

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