John D. Rockefeller

The Man That Changed the World


John D. Rockefeller was born July 8, 1839 of his parents William and Eliza Rockefeller. His father was a con man who would travel from town to town selling what he would tell people was the "Cure to Cancer" and sold the tonic for $25 dollars a bottle. John was not very fond of his father for this reason. His mother was a religious woman who taught Rockefeller to save his money and give to charities. He made his first $50 dollars when he was 12 doing work for neighbors and raising turkeys for his mother. This is where he learned to manage money. After growing up, he got into the Oil Industry and, through scientists, learned how to refine oil and make it available to any American for the use of kerosene lamps. He eventually used the oil to put inside of trains to help them function smoothly. That got him into the train business and forward to his reign of the country with his cunning and well played strategies.


- Rockefeller was the first person in the world to make a billion dollars thanks to oil. - He discovered a way to refine oil in a very cheap way and distribute it to the country. - By 1880, he was on top of the oil business with his company 'Standard Oil' which had a net worth of $55 million. - He controlled one of the biggest monopolies in history. - Became the most powerful man in the country at the peak of his success.


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