Child Care

      Child Care: Helping children or playing with them or just being around them is what i've always wanted to do!

      Basically child care is just working with or helping children. Like babysitting or being a doctor (Pediatrician). What I really want to do is just open up a daycare/school thing for special needs kids.

      My plans for being in child care is I need to get my High School Diploma or GED. Then i need to get my Rn (Registered Nurse) and at least my Bachelors Degree. And before I can open up any business I'd have to save up money so i could work as a nurse for a while and then save money. Im not sure if i'm going to have it be a Daycare/School, but if i was to have it be part school then i would have to complete a approved teacher training program, complete additional training in special education,complete a student teacher internship and pass a state licensing exam.

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