All about protecting your electronics from getting a virus
By:M Finnell

All about what you need to know about just exploring the internet be safe.

Always check for any virus even the ones your friends send you that they got off the internet.

About viruses and information you need to know

This website will help you be safe on the internet and always check for any viruses.


How do you protect your computer from a virus

* Always check for any type of viruses even if a friend give you a website to check out.

* Never get on a website that will give you any viruses

* never get on a appropriate website you shouldnt get on

*  Never share you anyone else flash drive

*  Dont never download a

                What I got my Picture from

The website I have got my picture from is  computer

Introductive Paragraph

   Ok this website is all about  what you need to know about what you need to know to help you not get any viruses.  First you never download a videos from  a friend don't even use there flash drive because little do you no they can have a virus that they don't even no they have neither do you. Always clear your files because you can always catch a virus of a snap of a finger. Don't get any apps from a friend because you can get the virus because people who made the app could've made it to trick you into downloading a virus so you have to be careful with that. Always check before you open any kind of app only if its safe. But while you on the internet if it say you've one a prize never click on that because thats a virus someone is trying to give you thats why its always safety what you click on or view.

All about the virus Im talking about

Its called Leap-A/Oompa-A it not technically a virus it kinda help stops a virus like it wants to help people that has a virus to not have one any more but he stopped it but hodgman is probably coming back for his revenge for a virus to prepare.

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