Music Résumé

Name: Nic Falcione

Grade: Junior at Bruton High School (11th)

Instruments: Percussion, Drumset, Piano

Education: Magruder Elementary School Music Teacher: Ms. Brown

Queens Lake Middle School Band Director: James Patterson

Percussion Teacher: Everett Collins

Bruton High School Band Director: Cara Townsend

Drum line Instructors: Jon Sredl and Brian Peters

About Me: I started my musical experience during my first year of Middle School Queens Lake. I chose Percussion since it seemed like second nature right when I started in my 6th Grade band class. As soon as I ventured into the percussion world, I was learning rhythms and music faster than I ever imagined. Throughout middle school and high school I was introduced to Festival competitions, pit orchestra, marching band, parades, jazz band, pep bands, indoor and outdoor drum line and other musical groups. I have participated in all-district band, CNU Honor Band VCU Honor Band, Virginia Tech Honor Band, played for multiple plays and jazz bands on the drum set. I really like music and plan to continue with it throughout my life.

Goals and Expectations: In my opinion, learning music is a great adventure and a very outstanding opportunity. I plan to constantly learn more and more and experience as much music as I can. Over time, experience adds and equates to something in the future.

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