Ways to Conserve Natural Resources

We should totally conserve our natural resources because we need a lot of them. One of the most important resources to conserve is water because we need water to live. Here are some ways you can conserve water.

#1. To conserve water you can turn off the sink when you are done using it.

#2.  Another way to conserve water is to drink all of the water from your water bottle instead of dumping it into the sink.

#3. One more way to conserve water is to take shorter showers.

Ways to Conserve Wood

Wood is important too. If it wasn't for wood, we wouldn't have paper, desks, and a lot of other things. Here are some ways to conserve wood too.

#1. To conserve wood you can use both sides of the paper.

#2. Another way to conserve wood is to recycle wood you don't need anymore.

#3. One more way to conserve wood is to use it tom make something new!

Ways to Conserve Coal

Coal is very important because if we didn't have coal, there would be no electricity which means no T.V., no lights, and I am very sad to say this... but no video games! We have to conserve coal! Here are 3 ways to conserve coal.

#1. To conserve coal do not leave your video games on when you are not playing them.

#2. Another way to conserve coal is whenever you are charging something, take the plug out whenever it is completely charged.

#3. One more way to conserve coal is to turn off the lights when you are not at home.

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