Characterization: Clarisse

Not Your Average Girl

Indirectly: Free Spirit

Clarisse is indirectly characterized as a free spirit in "Fahrenheit 451". Starting on page 21 the author continues the relationship between Clarisse and Montag. Clarisse is standing in the rain, and Montag joins her. She catches the rain on her tongue and lets the rain fall on her face, taking in every last bit of it. She's holding the last of the dandelions of the year, and she rubs them underneath her chin, she claims that if it rubs off then it means she is in love. She seems to behave as if nobody is watching. Like there's not a care in the world. Which is why I indirectly believe she is free spirit.

Directly: Odd

Clarisse is directly characterized as odd. "Your are an odd one," Montag said to Clarisse on the 8th page of the book. He says that because she claims that she laughs when he hasn't been funny and answers right off. She never stops to think of what he's asked. She also strikes a comment about how firemen used to put out fires instead of start them, and Montag laughed at the statement.

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