Gonzales Texas

By: Madison Olney

Above is a picture of the six pound given to the citizens of Gonzales in 1835 for protection agansit the indian raids from mexico.

History of gonzales!

There is so many things about Texas that are historic and unique. I could spend my time telling you about every single city and landmark. But instead let’s start where i believe Texas really began; The Battle of Gonzales, where the First shot of the Texas Revolution Was Fired. Gonzales was a small town established in 1825, on Kerr Creek, 2 1/2 miles east of the confluence of San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers in the gentle verdant hills of central Texas.

For 12 years before the Texas revolution, it was the westernmost Anglo settlement of the Northern Mexican Territory of Tejas. In 1831, The Mexican Political Chief in San Antonio, at the request settlers of the colony Gonzales sent six pound cannon to Gonzales against the Indian Raids. By 1835 the political relationship between the settlers of the colony and the new dictator of Mexico, el Presidente Generalissimo Santa Anna had deteriorated greatly.

It was late September, 1835. Fall had arrived and all was quiet, everyone lying around, and day dreaming off into the distance while tasks were procrastinated. The Horizon was blurred by the rising heat, when someone was startled when hearing the noise of stampeding horses. Soon the noise grew and everyone was aware of what was coming. A group of men had appeared out of the distance on horseback. One Mexican Soldier spoke that he had been ordered to take back the cannon used against the Indian raid. The people of the small town had broken out in fury.

They replied with a simple response that they were not willing to give up the cannon without the orders given to them were specifically from the Mexican Government Officials. A soldier left for proof. The people of Gonzales quickly prepared themselves for the absolute worse. The Texans had buried the cannon, and eight men readied for battle while the soldiers standing patrol were easily captured but unlucky one slipped away and informed the officials in San Antonio of the Rudeness the citizens had displayed towards Mexico. Colonel Ugartechea heard of the news and rallied troops, which headed towards Gonzales, to retrieve the cannon and asked the residents to please avoid a fight. But it was pretty clear that was not enstore for anyone’s future.

The troops couldn’t get across the river on the side they were on, since the water was too high and all the boats were gone because of the careful planning of the Texans. The courage and self-confidence of the Texans made the Mexican troops feel uneasy. The Mexicans waited for reinforcements as the Texans now had one hundred and forty Texan Soldiers ready for battle. The ground stood still, and tension was heating. While it was so silent you could hear a pin drop. The Mexicans were sound asleep. The Texans had dug up the cannon, and with the help of the women they had crafted a battle flag. Reading the famous battle cry “Come and Take It”. The Texans had crept over to the Mexicans side in the dead of the night; they yelled “Ready, Aim, FIRE!” The Texans had just fired the first shot of The Texan Revolution.

Gonzales is by far a historical town. Just an overview Santa Anna never did capture the Cannon. The Cannon now resides in the cities memorial. I think that the Cannon and Gonzales represent Texas’s first strive for freedom, pride, self-confidence for all it stands for, and its willing to do whatever it takes for their rights.


Gonzales was originally built on seven public squares laid out in the shape of a cross. The names of the squares have been changed through the years, but the layout is the same as in 1832. Take the self-guided driving tour that points out the historic homes and buildings built at the turn of the century.Learn about the cattle barons, lawyers and bankers who built them after the Civil War. There are also three different walking tours designed to showcase the historic homes and buildings. The streets in the historic downtown area feature the names of saints and are arranged in alphabetical order.The Gonzales County Courthouse is a major focal point of downtown Gonzales. Construction of the Courthouse began in 1894 and was completed in 1896. The structure originally cost $64,450. The clock tower remains as a major focal point for downtown.

the pictures above, in order include: The Eggleston House Museum and The old Jail Museum.

  • Gonzales Memorial Museum   
  • Eggleston House Museum    
  • JB Wells House Museum    
  • Old Jail Museum    
  • Pioneer Village
  • Braches House and
  • Sam Houston Oak  State Association of Texas Pioneers Museum   

Gonzales also has great dining !

Straight from the add Gonzales dining includes!

Belmont Social Club Restaurant

The Belmont Social Club provides a fun family atmosphere with great steaks and home cooking. Join us for live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Try the locally grown fried mushrooms, famous hand battered onion rings and fried pickles.

Call us about catering your next event, or book our private banquet room or patio.

Hours: (Daylight Saving Time)
10:30 am to 8:00 pm Tues, Wed, Thur
10:30 am to 10:00 pm Fri, Sat
Belmont After Hours:
Every third Saturday open until 1:00 am. Music and dancing, kitchen closes at 10:00 pm.

It also includes, a large local food market, with various foods!

Recreation! includes......

  • Independence Golf Course  
  • Disc Golf Course Independence
  • Park Kerr Creek Park    
  • JB Wells Park
  • Gonzales Municipal Pool

I suggest defiantly attending these events! Below are links to the info on the events! Except for the summer concerts, its basically all the info for that one! (:

Pioneer Village Dutch Oven cook-off!


Summer Concerts!

Live music every Friday night in downtown Gonzales every Friday night in June! Arts and craft vendors, food, games, fun! Keep watching for more information about the music line up!

Come and Take It Celebration

Visit Gonzales during the first full weekend in October for the annual Come and Take It Celebration. Live music, parade, crafts, games, and so much more. Click here to learn more.

Thanks for browsing! i think Gonzales is a nice, fun town with a rich past of Texas history! I highly recommend visting here when your ever in need ofa weekend gateway!

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