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Between a rock and a hard place


Aron Ralston

A motivational speaker named Aron Ralston is a guy who has been more of an outdoor person. He was born October 27, 1975. He is currently 39. He has only written one book. And it is called "Between a rock and a hard place." He is married to his beloved wife named Jessica Trusty. Right after his break up he met a new girl, Jessica, on a plane. They had an affair and he later on asked for marriage. She accepted. They have two children. Leo and Elisabetta.


This book takes place in Blue John Canyon in Utah. Very rocky. Orange place. You don't really find a lot of people there. Just a few but you don't see a huge crowd walking around the canyon. It would be very strange. In this book it usually goes back and forth on flashbacks of what has happened. Sometimes at his parents house. His girlfriends house. (Now an ex.) He even had delusions of what could of happened.


Main characters here would be Aaron Ralston himself because he had experienced this. He is sometimes ignorant. Independent. Very adventurous. He is independent because usually when he is on his trips he works alone. He would travels to any exciting landmark. He likes to explore new places.

There are other characters that in my opinion I would be outside characters. His parents, friends, ex girlfriend, his future children, co-workers and more.


The biggest conflict in this book would not only be Aron Ralston's arm stuck. It would be him trying to calm himself down as he rushes through memories. It was difficult for him because he was delusional and he would start predicting what would happen in the future. He had a hard time with controlling his mind. (Man vs mind) Of course there was the rock and him. It stopped him. (Man vs nature)


The mood of this novel is depressing, confusing, and weird at the same time. I mean the first time I read this it was weird because of the flashbacks and premonitions. I really didn't get used to it. Second round it sounded better. I mean I felt like I was Aron Ralston and I would have little day dreams of this.


The theme of this would be I guess life versus death because Aron in this book is deciding on whether or not he will live. He mostly choose the side of death because he was there for 5 days. He didn't tell anyone where he was going. He was alone with no help.  It is kind of hard for him after all he had to amputate his arm in order to live.



I don't really have a life connection towards this. When I was small, I have gotten lost at a mall because my mom told me to stay put for a few minutes but it felt more than a few minutes. I was afraid. I felt frightened. Aron was afraid because he didn't tell anyone about where he was going. I am grateful that during my scene I did not have to amputate my arm because it was not needed. Who would amputate their arm while getting lost at a Mall.  

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