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Mrs. Elizabeth Rosenfeld

ER teaches Living Environment to 9th graders at SKA.

RS: Elizabeth, Your Haiku page is so comprehensive. How do you maintain it, and keep it well organized?

ER: I have been teaching at SKA for the past 19 years, and as the years progressed I thought I had my course material pretty well organized. I keep folders, files and links, and know how to get to my materials from year to year. However, since last year, when our school began utilizing the Haiku Learning Management System, my workflow and class prep time has improved. Haiku is intuitive and contains many features that enhance my students' learning. I post .pdf notes, diagrams, pictures and YouTube videos. I save my Smart Board notes from class, and post them on Haiku for the students to review. I now distribute less handouts and review sheets, because I post everything on Haiku. I also share and upload my Google drive files easily.

RS: Your Haiku page is used by students for review and study. Why did you chose to include your students' work?

ER: Before midterms, I assign a particular section of a unit to each student to present in front of the class using a form of technology. I have found that when the girls create content and share their knowledge with one another, everyone benefits. The presenter masters the material creatively, while the viewers get a different visual and audio perspective of the subject matter. It's a win-win situation.

RS: How have you and your students been using the iPad in your classroom? Which class uses the ipad?

ER: The ipad enhances learning in my Bio(4) class. Students remain engaged and active, using Living Environment specific apps. I have created quizzes using Socrative, an app that keeps my iPad students on their toes. My students have created ShowMe screencasts, Prezi and PowerPoint presentations, and short videos using iMovie. Some even use Quizlet to test themselves on classroom notes. I use Skype when students are absent making sure they could be part of the classroom learning experience while physically being away from the classroom.

Every year brings new and exciting initiatives to our school. I am glad I was a part of the iPad pilot program this year, and hope to continue using it next year.

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