Technology in the Classroom Reflection
Nicola Dickinson

When I first enrolled in this class I was very negative about the use of technology in the classroom. I remember feeling like technology was something that children today are too obsessed with and that to have it in the classroom would take away the need to communicate with teachers and students. However, this course changed my opinions and I now feel like technology in the classroom is very beneficial to students. I still stand by my opinion that it shouldn't be used by teachers all day everyday, especially in an elementary school when I feel like the student teacher connections are very important in shaping young children. But using things like Glogster, Smore, Tackk and Symbaloo are so fun and there are so many things you can do with them to create a lesson that students would love and be interested in. It is so important to interest children and lecture most of the time will not interest them the way a treasure hunt on Symbaloo would. Nor would lecture be as interesting to students the way creating their own online poster on Glogster would.
Having technology in the classroom would not only interest children but I think it also excited the teachers. I know I loved all the projects in this class and I found my creative side coming out and I was always excited to share my projects with the class. If teachers feel this way about teaching with technology, the students are going to benefit because lessons are going to be thought out and fun.
I wouldn't do anything to improve the course because I feel I really learned a lot in this class. Not only do I know how to use tech tools like Glogster and Tackk but I learned about all the different tech tools out there for teachers that would be awesome to use in the classroom. I also learned that technology can sometimes be unreliable so it is important to work ahead of time to create lessons and to try them out before you try and teach it to students. This is one of the things I could improve about myself because on a couple of the projects I posted them to the discussion board and then on presentation day I found I had problems.