Abc booklet

By Ethan Coe


Don't mess with miss rosser. Make  sure u do all of your work on time. Don't  get into fights.


You will get in trouble for other people's doings. For example when people fight on the track u didn't do it but you get in trouble. You should t mess with ms rosser.


My grades have changed since I tried harder. Teachers sometimes the lightin up. The lunches have been going down dramactly 😷.

Difficult dessions

Having to get my act together. Also having to bring my grades up.Having to listen to teachers all day.

Exciting or embarrassing moments

It's embarrassing when the teacher calls you out. It's exciting when you get to do fun things. It's embarrassing when you fall out your chair.


You know if you have a real friend if they will help you do anything that you need. A good friend would take up for you if u needed. A real friend would help you get done with homework.


I have enhanced on my handwriting a lot. I have learned a lot since 5th grade. I have lost the habit of losing my pencil.


The hardest thing was losing some of my friends. We have a lot more homework in the 6th grade. The teachers are harder on you about your work.


Wesley a friend who has been there. Helped me when ever I have needed it. We will always be friends till the end


I had all types of stuff In my locker. I had old papers from the start of the year. I had old projects in there.


My key to success was doing my work. Another key to success was Turning my work in on time. The last one was listening to the teachers.

Lasting memory

One memory I will would be all the fights we got into. From one hit knock outs to pulling hair there all the same.i will never forget it.


I like to listen to country. The music they play at dances and all that they play all the oldest music in the world. I have always liked country not really anything else.

Nervous moment

There was a few bad moments in middle school. When we got are exams the first time I thought it was going to be really wasn't that bad though I survived.


one thing that we have as a teen is drama. We get into fights over drama. Really what's the point of that.

Pet peeves

Craven is a really pet peeve all he does is over explain stuff that doesn't need to be. My brother is a pet peeve all he does is anoyy me. Ethan t. Really gets on my nerves  sometimes.


There is really many quotas that I could relate to but, I will try. “Roses are red violets are blue I wish I could have better grades." That is a good one for this.


I regret doing a lot of things in front of teachers. I don't regret getting in fights. I wish I could go back and fix some stuff.


A few things satisfied me in the 6th grade. Like bringing my grades up. if I could satisfaction anything then it would be me.

Time well spent

I spent all my time writing my poems and writing. Some of it on projects and other activities. I did good on my test and projects.


I would go back to the start of the year. I done a few things that I wished I haven't. Like the fights that I had done.


I can do what I want on this one so. I remember when we first got lockers. Those good old days.

Watchful eyes

I like to watch tv and Netflix. They both have really good shows. They both are really easy to use.

X'ed out

When ever I get in trouble I wish I got be xed.i felt dumb when ever I didn't no were something was when the teacher told me to get it. I also felt dumb when I wasn't paying attention and the teacher called on me and I didn't no the answer.

Youthful memories

A memory that will stick with me is when my dog ran away. Another is when my dog got killed. The last one is when I caught a 17 pound catfish when I was 4.

Zoo relations

I can relate my self to zoo animals like a monkey because I like to climb trees. I'm like a cheetah I'm athelethic. I'm a turtle because I have a hard shell of bones.

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