Potential and Kinetic Energy

By Colton Hubbard

Potential energy is a form of energy that can be used like an electric charge, or a coiled spring both of those are examples of potential energy because they have built up power/energy but aren't using it. Or if you were to take into a recorder and keep paused would be a form of potential sound energy, or if you were to turn off an engine that would be potential mechanical energy. (for example of potential look at picture 1)

Kinetic energy is the other form of energy that unlike potential it is using it's energy so for example a you riding a bike would be you using kinetic energy because your energy is keeping the bike in motion or for an easier example kicking a ball would fill it with kinetic energy; or only for example lets saying a nuke is being used and it explodes in a test that energy would be kinetic nuclear energy. And for another example is you were to an electromagnet for a battery it would be kinetic electromagnetism.  

And for the video I chose it has some great examples of potential and kinetic energy.

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