UTA Reflection

Michelle Morales

When we arrived at UTA I was amazed on how big and pretty the campus was. Whenever we were listening to the UTA students I was really impressed about all the good things they were talking about . What I found interesting about the trip was the part when the girls were showing us science tricks .I found that interesting because it was amazing how they were doing them .However the part that I least like was when we were asked questions .I didn't like that because in that time we could've been touring the campus . Some things that they should do next year is to actually give a tour of the campus and to bring their mascot. I think that will make it more interesting. However I am not sure if I would apply to go  to UTA because I don't want to go to a college that is really close to my house. Besides I don't even know how UTA actually looks . In addition I want to apply to a college that is out of town .But there is a probability of me applying there but I am not sure . However I think that UTA looks like a good collage because of the video we saw .Also because  on how the students were talking really good about it. Besides they have a lot of programs you can join in . In addition more things that they could do next year is to have more UTA students and let us eat outside or in there cafeteria. But I still liked the trip It would've  been better if we had those suggestion included but it was a good trip.  Also it helped us know more  about collages.

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