How to Find the Best Asbestos Monitoring Company in Australia

Before you remove any structure in your home or office that is 10 or more year old, it might be a good idea to bring in an expert to test it for presence of asbestos.

Why test for presence of asbestos?

There are 3 vital reasons to test for the presence of asbestos:

1. Asbestos fibre when inhaled can cause life threatening cancer

Asbestos has excellent insulation properties and was very economical to use. This resulted in widespread use of asbestos in the construction of homes, offices and other buildings. Unfortunately, when asbestos is handled, it releases asbestos fibre into the air which when inhaled by humans or animals can cause life threatening cancer.

2. Avoid expensive lawsuits

The second reason to test for presence of asbestos and take appropriate measures if detected is to avoid costly litigation due to law suits that might be initiated by people who might be affected when asbestos is handled at your premises.

3. Presence of asbestos makes Indoor Air Quality Monitoring mandatory

If testing detects the presence of asbestos, you are legally required to engage an asbestos monitoring company (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007).

Why hire a Cooling tower risk management plans?

A. A licensed asbestos assessor will assess the presence of asbestos and the risks involved in handling it at that location,
B. Prescribe a set of measures to be implemented to mitigate the risks of handling asbestos,
C. After the work has been completed, he is authorized to certify that the site is fit for re-occupancy.

How to Find the Best Indoor Air Quality inspection Company in Australia

• License to operate as an asbestos monitoring company
• Credentials
• Experience
• Customer Service

Finding an asbestos monitoring company in Australia that has a license to operate is not a big deal. However, selecting the best asbestos monitoring company in Australia involves looking beyond the license. What are their credentials, how long have they been in business and what feedback do their past customers provide you?

There are professional teams such as JMB ASBESTOS REGISTERS ( which staff trained personnel in monitoring air quality during the installation and removal of asbestos and providing NATA accredited results.

Specifically, you need to find experienced professional hygienist who has attained the VET course for asbestos assessors. These professionals would be competent to conduct air monitoring for asbestos fibres.

Asbestos monitoring companies such as JMB Environmental Consulting ( tick all the right check boxes - they have the license, the setup, experience and a great sense of customer service. When it comes to handling asbestos, it is always better to play safe.

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