"A rising in the sun"

Scene 5

1. The mama want the family to live well and go to new house and make their dreams come true.

2. When mama give the envelope to Walter, this tell the audience that she want to help him with his dream and she want Walter dream to come true.

Scene 8

1. Mrs. Jonson pause before the word brave because she was about to say bad thing or lie.

Scene 11

1. The most important idea for scene 11 is that Walter stand out for his family and show that he care for the family.

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2 years ago

Scene 5: Mama wants to help the whole family. When she give the envelope to Walter it tells the audience she trusts him.

Scene 8: Mrs. Johnson is being sarcastic. She doesn't mean it.

Scene 11: The most important idea in this scene is that Walter shows pride in his family.