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Sonnets - fourteen line poems with a formal tone that follows a specific rhyme scheme.

Odes - poems with a formal tone, written for the single purpose of celebrating or honoring a person, object, or idea.

Elegies - formal poems that reflect on death or other solemn, serious themes.

Narrative poem - tells a story in verse. Narrative poems have elements like those in a short story, such as setting, plot, and characters.

Epics - long narrative poems that tell an exciting or inspiring story, usually about a hero.

Ballads - song-like poems that tell a story, often dealing with adventure, tragedy, or romance.

Limericks - humorous five-line poems with specific rhyme pattern and an aabba rhyme scheme.

Free verse poetry - defined by its lack of strict structure. It has no regular meter, no intentional rhyme, no fixed line length, and no specific stanza length.

Haikus - short, unrhymed, poems, often about nature

Concrete poetry - words are arranged in on the page to form a shape that suggests the topic or ideas in the poem.

Line - helps poems break into parts.

Stanzas - arrangement of lines to create an appearance on the page. Help organize thoughts.

Meter - the rhythmical pattern, or the arrangement and number of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Rhyme scheme - the pattern of the rhyme in a poem.