1.     Italian merchants brought it with them from the Black Sea in 1347

2.     In 1347 is when it hit southern France and southern Italy

3.     In the middle of 1348 it covered the bottom part of Europe

4.     By the end of 1348 it covered nearly half of Europe

5.     In 1349 it moved up and covered the rest of these modern day countries of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands

6.     From 1350-1353 the plague just made its way North until it got to Russia

7.     From 1347-1353 of the 75 million people, nearly 1/3 to 1/2 of the population died because of the Plague

8.     The Bubonic plague was a bacteria that was carried by fleas that were on rodents

9.     Bubonic Plague also hit China in the 1330's before it effected Europe

10.     The amount of the deaths overshadow how many deaths there were in the Second World War

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