The Maze Runner

From the author that brought you "Jimmy Fincher: A Door in the Woods", James Dashner brings "The Maze Runner", a dystopian sci-fi story that is impossible to put down. Join Thomas, a teenager that is thrown into the Glade, a place which can be compared to a prison, struggle to recollect his forgotten memories and to survive. The Gladers, the inhabitants of the Glade, take Thomas in as another poor soul. They teach him all they know, but tell one thing that means everything to them: Never go into the Maze at night. The Maze is a deadly place with deadlier creatures that come out at night. The Gladers have tried for two years to get out, but with no success. Knowing this, Thomas is careful not to break the rules, but is still curious of his past. Things start to look up for Thomas as he learns to live in the Glade, until another person shows up, a girl, the first one ever, saying that everything will change. That same night, Thomas is thrown into the Maze at night, which no one has survived before, to save a Runner who was late coming back. Strategy, wits, instincts, and the desire to live keeps Thomas alive until morning. Now being nominated a Runner, Thomas tries to find out the secrets of the Maze. He is to late when everything changed. The sky turned gray and the Maze walls do not close, letting monsters into the Glade at night. Thomas and the rest of the Gladers have to figure out the code to the Maze and fight for their lives to escape. "The Maze Runner" is a fantasic book that is impossible to put down. Like any other book by Dashner, it has a entangling pull. Try to read it for yourself and you may find yourself wanting to escape reality through a good book.

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