Can offering incentives to children improve their health?

bad motive

    At first, offering children incentives to improve their health has a lot of advantages ,for example, it can regulate them with the food they eat, time to sleep and when to get up, Cleaning themselves regularly and doing exercise, these are very important because keeping a good health is a bey to maintain a nice physical body and mental condition, it will be helpful for their future study and growing up. For the reason that they do not have enough self-regulation sense, this method can greatly improve motivation of doing the right thing.

    On the contrary, offering them incentives also bring disadvantages, the most wicked one is, they will learn things that if no one offers you any temptation, if it's not benefit themselves, they will not do it, cause they don't know the good purpose of doing the right thing, just want to get the bonus for doing things that seems right, si it will totally confuse children in their growing.