Ancient Egypt

Ryann Helduser

Geography Of Ancient Egypt

The lower part of Egypt is actually called upper Egypt.So the upper part of Egypt is called lower Egypt.Upper Egypt is in the range of 2001 through 5000 feet above sea level.

Stable Food Supply

Trees,bushes,flowers,grass,& reeds grow in Egypt.The people ate Barely & Wheat and made bread.

Social Structure

There were most of slaves.A lot of peasants.There were less priests than peasants.Not as much merchants as there were priests.Way less pharaohs than anything else there were
back then.


They rapped dead people in clothes and made mummies.They believed in the afterlife,they put water,food,gold,silver,toys& sometimes even people.Robbers got basically all the gold.

System Of Government

Pharaohs (kings) were decided by the gods .Pharaohs were on top of the social structure

The Arts

They made statues of the kings,queens,gods or goddesses.They also made pyramids which they put bodies in with food,water,toys,gold,silver &sometimes even people for the afterlife.The Ancient Egyptians also made a giant sphinx.The giant sphinx is 63 feet wide,241 foot long &66.34 feet high.

Advaces in Techology

They built large construction projects like pyramids & palaces.They also built ramps,levers,& complex systems of government.The bread they made,left grit & sand on their teeth so they invented toothbrushes & toothpaste.

Written Language

Ancient Egypt language is hyrogliphicics.Nobody could read the


I can connect to the Egyptians because I use toothpaste & a toothbrush.They also used pen & paper.

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