Reading juornal

May 20 2014

Dear Miss Sara

I am Reading the Secrets of the Caves.Onthis chapter is talk about that go to the secret cave , they knoy about the caves becaus on the  seccond  chapter it tell me tha lili find on his leyend book he saw that leyend on the book and he was interesaid so then he tell to his two friends and he didint convens them  so he go his self but then his friends think about it and they go to find his friend and help him finding the secret cave. Next they find the secret cave but there was a man who lives there and he wanted to have that tresure too. SO they had a fight and when the other boys, the friends, that go help him find it. they go to the man so then they open the door and find a lot of tresure and they help all the persons that dont have a lot of money.

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