Jews Crusades

Like You can see in this photo they are the Jews.

The significance of Jerusalem to your group?                                   

For Jewish people Jerusalem is not only merely a locus of holy sites or religiously and historically significant memories. Jerusalem by itself holy. Jerusalem has become synonymous with hope and meaning in Jewish life. it is the chosen city of god for his peopler (Jews).

Cause of the Crusades from your group’s perspective (point of view)?

the cursades were a holy war. the term cursades is also used more generally to campaign against those who did not believe in the christianity. also when Jerusalem fell in 1099 crusaders massacred Jews, Christians and Muslims,then the leaders divided up the land into territories, each governed by a European feudal lord.

Impact of the Crusades on your group?

Crusades were rising hostility to the Jews. More and More Christians believed that all non-Christians were their enemy. when they where going to Palestine, some Crusaders massacred European Jews and continued the killing in Palestine. After the Crusades, Jews were expelled from England in 1290 and from France in 1306 and again in 1394. Many of these Jews moved to eastern Europe.all the  Crusaders who stayed in Palestine came to respect Muslims, but also Cristian tolerance toward Jews continued.

Your group’s perception of other groups during the Crusades

Jews by that time were suspected of plotting the destruction of Christianity,with the Muslims. In 1063 massacresagainst the Jews in Spain and France happened to occur. Jews were reffered as non-believers, so they were viewed s inferiors to other groups. Jews were held responsible for the crucifixion and they were more visible than the muslims.

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