My name is Jerry.

They mistake me for Gary.

I am about to get married.

I sure do like dairy.

My name is crown.

I don’t like my crown brown.

If it it is brown my frown is down.

If it is not brown I turn my frown upside down.

My name is Larry.

I have a friend named Barry.

Barry has a pet named Carrie.

I also have a friend named Perry.

My name is jar.

I broke in a car.

Because my friend went to a bar.

He is not exactly an all-star.

My name is Jay.

I like to play

My friend is Clay.

We play all day.

My name is Day.

I am at the bay.

Where I play with my my friend Kay.

She is bae.

My name is Dale.

I don’t like jail.

Yesterday I fell.

I found a shotgun shell.

My name is Jim.

I like to hang with Kim.

While I’m at the gym.

In the dim.

My name is Kevin.

My best friend is Devin.

He is eleven.

I am seven.

My name is James

I am lame

and I am ashamed

that I go to Notre Dame.

My name is Doodle.

I have a poodle .

And I eat noodles.

My rooster goes cockodoodle.

By Noah Hammons, Taylin Gilchrist, Koleman Farris, and Aaron Flores