Martin Luther king jr.

By Rylie E. Project for Mrs. hemry 8th grade language arts class.

Martin Luther king jr was born January 15 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. He died in 1968 from being assassinated.

Five unique facts about Martian Luther King are, his name was originally Michael, he also skipped two grades in high school, at age 12 he tried committing suicide by jumping out of his bedroom window, at age 35 he won a noble peace prize and last on April, 1968 Martian Luther king jr was assassinated.  

Martin`s childhood was good for the most part. He loved playing football with his brother and he also took piano lessons. From a early age Martin knew white people and African Americans were unequal to each other. His parents were loving and supporting and very proud that martin was smart and got good grades in school.    


Accomplishments included he was a leader of a civil rights movement, played a huge role in the Montgomery bus boycott, Won several awards and He organized the march for equality in Washington.   

His main goal was to promote non violence and unite African Americans and whites. Another big factor in his fame was the  "I have a dream" speech, Martian Luther King and Mohammed Gandhi were the two biggest non violence advocates and last all African Americans looked up to him for guidance.  

People who influenced martin to do great things were Mohammed Gandhi. In college Martian studied Mohammed's non violence methods and martin wanted to do what Gandhi did have a peaceful resolution. His father also influenced Martin to become a preacher and deliver powerful speeches.   

After reading Martin Luther King Jr biography I felt inspired that one man with hard work could unite a whole nation.

Haskins, James. The Life and Death of Martin Luther King, Jr. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1977. Print.

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