The Marine Ecosystem

Biotic Factors:Living organisms in an Ecosystem

Animals...                                   Plants...
-sharks                                        -seaweed
-fish                                              -coral
-turtles                                        -kelp
-krill                                             -algae
-crustaceans                             -plankton
-dolphins                                    -sea grass
-whales                                        -sea anemone

AbioticFactors:Non-living organisms in an ecosystem

-carbon dioxide

Carrying Capacity-the number of people, other organisms, or crops that a region can support without environmental degradation

Resources that are needed for a population to survive are water, food, sunlight, and shelter.

Fish populations change all the time depending on how much resources are available and how strong or weak there opponents are. One year there might be 100 blue fish and only 20 yellow fish but in another year there might only be 50 blue fish and 200 yellow fish. Graph of fish

Limiting Factors-things that prevent a population from growing

ex. There are 2,000,000 fish but there are only enough resources for 1,000,000 fish. The other 1,000,000 fish will die or find a new habitat.

Predator/prey relationship in the ocean are sharks (predator) and fish (prey). Limiting factors affect this relationship cause if there are a little amount of fish the sharks will die off  because there will not be enough resources for them too.

Energy Roles- When energy transfers form one organism to another

ex. Seaweed>fish>shark>brittle star

The seaweed gets its energy from the sun. The fish then eats the seaweed and gets some of the energy. Then shark eats the fish which gets a little less energy than what the fish got from the seaweed. After the shark dies the brittle star decomposes it and returns its nutrients to the ocean floor.

The role of producers are very important because they give all of the organisms that eat it nutrients and energy.

Food chains and Food webs

Food webs are more realistic than food chains in my ecosystem because there are more than one organism eating  another organism

If you removed the large shark from this food web the population of everything else will grow and soon will become overpopulated.

Tropic levels and Energy pyramids

We use a pyramid shape instead of any other shape because with a pyramid the base is larger and the closer you get to the top the smaller it gets. This shows how much energy  is being transferred to the other organisms. The producers are at the bottom of the pyramid because they have the most energy and the bigger consumers are at the top of the pyramid because when they eat all the other smaller organisms they are getting less energy.


The chemical equation used for all substances in photosynthesis is  C6H12O6

Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts of a plant cell.

Tropisms-How a plant grows pertaining to gravity and other stuff

ex. kelp grows towards  sun

The Role of Decomposers

the kelp growing towards the sun helps the kelp get nutrients to survive.

Decomposers are vital to my ecosystem because they decompose all the dead stuff. If we didn't have decomposers there would be a lot of dead plants and animals floating around in the ocean.

Decomposers in my ecosystems are...
-brittle stars
-sea snails


Adaptations are very important because without adaptations organisms would die because they wouldn't have what it takes to survive. Adaptations in the ocean include having gills, tails, flippers, oxygen, etc.

If you put a monkey in the ocean it would die because it wouldn't have gilles to help it breathe or flippers to help it swim.

Natural Selection

-The process whereby organisms adapt to their environment to survive and produce more offspring

Natural selection is important for organisms in an ecosystem because it creates extra space and more room for the organisms in the ecosystem

ex.sword fish and anchovies , this is natural selection because the shark wouldn't blend in to a fish population

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