5 Physical Properties

Definitions/pictures included!


Heat is one of the forms of energy that we can feel. It's hot! Heat is transferred by a change in temperature. When fire burns, heat comes off it. Heat makes the thermometer go up! :-) Most heat on our Earth comes from the Sun, which is a star, otherwise known as a giant ball of fire, so again with the fire creating heat.


I know 4 types of conductors. These, you probably know: a music conductor in a concert and a train conductor. I'm talking about the other 2: heat conductors and electricity conductors. A heat conductor can have heat flow through it easily. It's the same for an electricity conductor. An example for a heat conductor is a wire made from copper, gold, or aluminum.

A nice bracelet but a better conductor!


Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Matter is what everything that takes up space is made of. The more mass an object has, the heavier it is. A golf ball has less mass then a ten-pound weight!

A scale (above) is used to measure mass or weight.


An insulator is something that can keep heat well. It's also not a very good conductor of heat. An example of an insulator is a thick, warm, wooly jacket. It keeps the heat inside of it for you! Your house most likely has white/pink stuff in the walls to keep the heat inside. An insulator!

a warm insulator for winter!


Buoyancy is the upward push of water on an object less dense then it! Water will push up on things that aren't too heavy. A big stone will most likely be too dense and sink! That's why sometimes objects float!

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