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In the 1990's everything was changing. Starting with the way you dressed, to the way you talked,the shows you watched, and the music you listened to. The 90's were such an amazing time for hip-hop. The styles and sounds shifted tremendously from that of the 80's and some of the biggest names in the genre emerged as, not just superstars, but legends. Contemporary, R&B and urban music in general remained extremely popular.

         Fashion in the 90's was bold and colorful, and the clothing was greatly influenced by hit music groups, shows & celebrities. It was they who popularized particular clothing styles and trends that simply caught on. Popular trends were wearing bucket hats, windbreakers, jean jackets, cargo pants, etc.

       Entertainment and technology was starting to change for the better. 'The Sinbad Show', 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air', 'Save By The Bell' were some of the many popular shows in the 90's. Not only was T.V becoming popular but also video games. The top 5 video games in the 90's were (1) Super Mario World, (2) Super Mario Brothers 3, (3) Donkey Kong Country, (4) Donkey Kong Country 3 and (5) Crash Bandicoot.


Popular music of today are Rap, Hip-Hop, Country Music, and Electro Music. Today the entertainment world and technology has advance tremendously. The " In " thing at the moment is reality T.V. Some popular reality shows are " Keeping Up With The Kardashians", " The Bachelor", "American Idol" and so forth. In today's world everyone has to know everything starting with the popular websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Popular video games of this generation are 'Call Of Duty', 'Grand Theft Auto 5', 'Madden 25', 'Battlefield 4', etc.

Will smith 1995 playing a video game.



During the late 1980's and early 1990's Canada opened new avenues for other immigrants to enter the country, especially those with employable skills or significant financial resources. Through much of the 1990's the number of entrepreneurial or business immigrants rose dramatically, eventually reaching 6% of all immigrants entering Canada. Of these, appreciable numbers of entrepreneurial-class immigrants have come from Hong Kong, many seeking a safe harbor for themselves, their families and their assets in advance of the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong in 1997. Hong Kong and other Chinese immigration has been especially pronounced in larger urban areas such as Vancouver and Toronto, where the Chinese community now constitutes the largest immigrant groups.  


Today the goal of immigration system is to encourage youthful, bilingual, high skill immigration in order to build human capital within Canada aging labor force.



A few of the top athletes in the 90's were ..... (Not in Order)

  1. Micheal Jordan,
  2. Shaquille O'Neal,
  3. Scotty Pippen,
  4. Evander Holyfield
  5. Dennis Rodman.

Top popular sports back then was baseball, basketball and boxing.


Today's top athletes are ..... (Not in order)

  1. LeBron James
  2. Serena Williams
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Lionel Messi

Top popular sports of today are Soccer, Cricket, Ice Hockey and Basketball.

Dennis Rodman (91), Scotty Pipen (33) and last but not least Micheal Jordan (23)

School Life


From 1991 - 2001 the number of student who obtained a post secondary diploma increased substantially. Persons age 25 and over with a university degree expanded from 15% to 20%. College graduates grew from 12% to 16%.


Ontario's high school graduation rate remains strong, with an increasing number of students graduating in four years.

The five-year graduation rate is stable at 83 per cent, which is 15 percentage points higher than the 2003-04 rate of 68 per cent. The percentage of students graduating in four years is now 75 per cent, up from 74 per cent last year. This rate has steadily increased by 19 percentage points since 2003-04, when it was only 56 per cent. The province of Ontario goal is to reach 85 percent graduation rate.

The Economy


1) Non expensive                             

2) Great recession

3) Dept had risen to high levels

4)Canada's other major economic problem in the early 1990's was large budget deficits


1) Cost of living has risen                                      4)Prices going up

2) Higher taxes

3)Housing marketing has dropped

Top New Stories


  • 1991: Collapse of the Soviet union.
  • 1992: Official end of the cold war.
  •   Riots in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict.
  • 1993: Use of the internet grows exponentially.
  • World trade centre bombed.
  • 1994:Nelson Mandela elected president of South Africa
  • O.J Simpson arrested for double murder
  • Rwandan genocide
  • 1995: Oklahoma city bombing
  • Yitzhak rabin assassinated
  • 1996: Mad cow disease hit's Britain
  • 1997: Tiger Woods wins masters
  • Princess Diana dies in car crash
  • 1998: Titanic most successful movie ever
  • 1999: JFK. Jr dies in plane crash


  • FIFA 2014 world cup
  • Ontario election
  • Teachers across B.C on strike
  • American soldiers evacuate from Iraqi base
  • NBA finals

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