Uganda's Government Vs. The LRA

By Eman Hardy

    In the African country Uganda, there is a war brewing in itself. A terrorist group named The Lord's Resistance Army ( LRA ) lead by a man named Joseph Kony has waged war on the Ugandan Government. Their purpose, to impose their religious beliefs on the entire government, then the whole country of Uganda. Uganda won't give up without a fight.

The LRA is the group that is causing these problems in Uganda. Originally called The Uganda Christian Democratic Army ( UCDA ) they were an army group who broke off and started going to war with Uganda after they didn't agree with The Gulu Peace Accord of 1988. They decided they wanted to overthrow the government and takeover and implement the biblical Ten Commandments to their new government. In their quest, they lay a path of death and destruction. They are responsible for the death and enslavement of over 30,000 children in Uganda whom they rape, torture, kill and enslave. They even use them as child soldiers.

The country of  uganda

This is where Kony and his operation have been terrorizing for nearly 30 years.

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