Historical Timeline 1998-2015
Xavier Swann, Mathieu Boyce, and Paige Knox

Apple introduces the iMac
Work, Exchange, and Technology
Archival Material

  • Reflection: This relates to technology because it moved the Apple company forward into creating newer technologies. This invention created many job opportunities in the technology field, developed the economy, and provided America with a product that was available to exchange to different locations due to how successful this innovation was.

HIPP analysis: The purpose for the iMac special event was to help promote Apple tech.  It occurred during this time period because Apple wanted to compete with Microsoft and persuade people to buy Apple's newest technological advances.

America in the World
Visual Materials

  • Reflection: 9/11 affected America in the world because it showed that a terror attack could not put fear in the hearts of the United States of America, home of the free. The event that occurred on September 11th, 2001 caused many global conflicts, affect foreign policy greatly in regards to protection of our country and increased foreign affairs leading to war.    

HIPP analysis: The audience of this photo was to the citizens of the United States.  The intent was to make sure that citizens always remember the ones who lost their lives on this tragic day in America.

War on Terror
America In the World

  • Reflection: This statement by the DCI of the CIA represents America in the World because of the nation's contribution in the war on terror.

HIPP analysis: The purpose of Written Statement for the Record of the Director of Central Intelligence Before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was to explain who needed to be tageted and how to approach it.  The document was created at this time because it was a few years after 9/11, and the United States desperatley wanted to get the person responsible for the deaths of 9/11.

Kanye West: Late Registration

  • Reflection: This represents culture because it expresses the diversity of rap and how it evolved over time. Rap is not only a style of popular music, developed by disc jockeys and urban blacks in the late 1970s, in which an insistent, recurring beat pattern provides the background and counterpoint for rapid, slangy, and often boastful rhyming patter glibly intoned by a vocalist or vocalists but it is also one of the first introductions to a different culture. Rap has evolved in many ways due to extraordinary musical stylists. Especially Kanye West whose rap has changed cultural values.  

HIPP Analysis: The point of view of Kanye West in this album was that of a person who expresses many different feelings to the world and plants seeds for upcoming rappers and set up the larger diversities of rap.  For example in the song "Crack Music", Kanye West raps about hard times in his life.  However instead of using a beat with extra bass, he uses a choir tune in the background that blends with the song well.  This inspired future rappers such as Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky to rhyme and put beats together the way they do now in 2015.

June 29, 2007
Work, Exchange, Technology
Visual Materials

  • Reflection: This represents work, exchange, and technology because it shows how apple innovated their technology over the years. The I-Phone advancement in history required tons of labor, which gave employment chances.

HIPP analysis: The point of view of Apple, the company responsible for releasing the iPhone, was that of an innovative company during the tech era.

President Obama becomes first Black president in the United States.
Politics and Power
Archival Material

  • Reflection: This represents politics and power because the president is a key part in the nation's political system.

HIPP analysis: The purpose for President Obama's victory speech was to thank the voters and explain what his role in office will be.  It was created during this time because he made history by being the first Black president in the United States and the nation wanted a speech from him.

Kendrick Lamar: To Pimp a Butterfly

  • Reflection: This represents culture because it spoke on the amount of prejudice people in the 21st century, especially in songs such as "The Blacker The Berry" and "How Much A Dollar Cost" and "Mortal Man" and how people are too quick to choose sides without looking at the entire picture. The artistic expression not only changes others opinions of the topic, but it expanded popularity to the idea of it.

HIPP analysis: The purpose of this album is to help people open up their perspective of music and not to limit themselves to just listening for instrumentals.  This album was created to tell people to listen to what the writer's underlying messages are.

Politics and Power

  • Reflection: This represents politics and power because of government relations with the use of laws and being able to change laws.

HIPP analysis: The intended audience of this source is people who use recreational drugs. The intent of the source is to inform these recreational users of what states they can and cannot use marijuana.

Thesis Statement

America's role in the world has been that of a superpower ever since the end of World War II. America's actions relating to economics, politics, and culture in 1998-2015 has facilitated more continuity than it has change.

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